FR Patch Updates


Last update news before relase...
TFT seemed broken expensive units and not only that
you constantly need to build stuff like powerplants and supply drop zones
Not to mention its hard to defend the base with TFT and you need to do a
lot of micro to prepare attack force.
So i come up with solution.

1. TFT Will have advanced powerplant that will have huge output not as ECA
offcourse but still a lot of power so you will need only 2 or 3 per mission.

2. New powerfull base defences that will make easy to defend with TFT because
with TFT you need to do a lot of micro to prepare the attack so you dont want to
loose too much time babysitting defence.

3. No more supply drop zone for TFT instead second eco for TFT will be TFT Tech center
that will generate money simmilar to black market only no upgrades needed.

Thats it few more days for testing and i will relase both patch Falcon Rising 1.86.5
with new VOL2 GLA Campaign.


As you all know GLA vol2 Campaign is almost done so now i will announce new stuff
that will be in next 1.86.5 version of FR.

Lets start first with USA So in the last update Burton is removed and
replaced with new USA hero units But Burton story do not end there,
he is now a mercenary and along couple ofother mercenaries will be
availlable in mercenary outpost.

Below you can see mercenary outpost.

Next thing was HATB Starstreak repair vehicle.
To mix it up a bit some rebalancing uf USA General powers is needed
so in the next version HATB will have Tomahawk Strike at level 5.
Not only that those tomahawk models will also be used in mission intros
remember those ZH white ones, well now they are replaced with new ones.
For that reason HATB Himars now has the same weapons as in schockwave, no more tomahawks.
Another thing is that from now on every USA branch will have their own paradrops.
There are some SAGE limitations with them because ROTR allready used all slots
so i had to improvised it works but its not that clean in terms of display text
and one other thing which is complicated to explain.

Below you can see related images.

One more thing that bugged me for a long time is Javelin team
Problem is you cant put those guys in vehicle or garisson
so now i replaced it with new Javelin Trooper that is
just one unit it can go in vehicles and garisson the buildings,
But has only one fire mod and can be crushed with vehicles.
Weapon is stronger has longer reload time, longer range
and unit moves slower.
Buildable from barracks for all USA branches after strategy center.

Also there is 1.87 Enforcer now imported to 1.86.5 version of FR.
It will have same stats as in 1.87 with one exeption
it will be crushable by vehicles.

Below you can see related images.

Now as you know for GLA campaign i needed 1.87 Aicrafts
well to import all of them to 1.86 FR would be too much work.
So only Vulture and Hook are imported.In adddition to that some
recycler variants are now buildable and AI can also use them.
This all can only work in misisions offcourse.

Below you can see related images.

Russia has received great stuff that will made Campagnes look so great!
So first lets go with navy Aircraft carrier Kuznecov, and battleship
will make missions so much more fun both to make and play.
In addition to that Russia now will have sniper like unit with new
Spetznatz unit.

Below you can see related images.

This next version 1.86.5 version of FR will also be further visually improved
New roads, sidewalks, street signees, electric grid, billboards, cars, fountains.

Below you can see related images.


ROTR 1.87 still not relased so i will relase new version of FR sometimes this month.
Unless ROTR 1.87 wont be relased first.

OK before go into the details of new stuff that will be added
i would like to explaine few things.

About hero USA units:

Yes new hero units for the USA will be added in next version of FR.
Unlike other Hero units they will be buildable after barracks but they
will be weaker than other Heroes.

Their purpose is to scout and other combatants fight harder when they are close by.
This changed because in missions units like Burton are to OP and many times you can
finish the mission using only him.

So plan for Burton is to become mercenary unit and buldable from mercks outpost.
Heroes for other factions will remain as they are.

Below you can see and read more about new USA heroes.

About TFT & QRF Strike forces & direct action term:

So TFT will have strike forces from the next version
What is difference well both TFT & QRF have Strikeforces only difference is that QRF SF is only one
unit Skycrane.

So thats why SF is added for TFT. TFT Strikeforce = (Starlifter filled with units built instantly from airfield).
Why do TFT & QRF need Strikeforces:
Well because they are direct action branches (
Lets explain how Direct action works in FR so lets take a skirmish map 1v1 top and bottom positions
resources in the middle.

So if you play as QRF  or TFT you can get to these resources faster and your objective is exactly that
capture the rich places on the map ASAP.
Build strongest aircrafts there and start bombard the enemy, you are close so your aircrafts can do many bombings.
And prepare your main assault force to finish the job.
In future missions there will even be timers for that and if you fail mission will end in faillure or late game AI
will kick your ass.
Below you can see and read more about new TFT Strikeforces.


The first update of the day are new USA hero units.
This was planned for ROTRFR 2.0 but here they are.

TFT Commander ROTRFR 1.86.5,1.87
Name: Raymond Jefferson
Rank: Sergeant Major
Affiliation U.S. Army
Nationality : US
Tactics : spec-op
Branch: AB(Army Bands), Task Force Talon(TFT)

QRF Commander ROTRFR 1.86.5,1.87
Name: Jason Richter
Rank: Major
Affiliation U.S. Army
Nationality : US
Tactics : spec-op
Branch: AB(Army Brands), Quick Response Force(QRF)

HATB Commander ROTRFR 1.86.5,1.87
Name: Oz Jackson
Rank: Major
Affiliation U.S. Army
Nationality : US
Tactics : spec-op
Branch: AB(Army Brands), Heavy Armour & Tactical Balistic Force(HATB)


The second update of the day are new TFT, and QRF units
So first detention center for QRF & TFT will be replaced with Tech center.

Second QRF will get new predator reaper drone cheaper but weaker than f18
good against vehicles infantry but it cant destroy heavy tanks.
Mostly be used in missions.

Third since both QRF & TFT are direct action branches (
QRF is fine with Skycranes but TFT has deployment issues so new strike forces are added.
Empires and allies anyone!
So this means that near the airfield you have three strike force teams
who avaits your control.
Strike force 1 consisted of builders and special forces for 4500$
is instantly ready for deployment. You can only have one SF 1 at the time.

The second Strike force consisted of infantry specialized in support
of main attack force. For price of 15000$ is also instantly ready
for deployment. You can have two SF 2 at the time.


Screenshots from new ECA mission this is prolouge mission
that will now be first ECA mission so this means ECA Campaign will now have 5 missions.
This is only prolouge mission so this means its really short and its only purpose
is to explain new GLA defence structures.


From next version of FR 1.86.3 Deep Blue Proper Reloaded
in widescreen there will also be a performance patch
Anyway fans noticed that new 1.86 models of Russian arms supplier
and China spy station cause lag when many of them on the map.
And old ones dont so they made small patch.
So i decided to include this small patch to widescreen
to reduce lag in late game.


New Milita unit.


I know FR 1.86.3 Deep Blue Reloaded was sopose to be last version of FR for
ROTR 1.86 but than i thought why not make one last version vith major visual updates.
So next version vill be FR 1.86.3 Deep Blue Proper Reloaded And well be relased
between 01. And 15.08.2016,

So first thing i added is new set of trees. Now trees and shrubs look more reallistic
Also added some birds, so now on sea missions you will be able to see and hear seagulls.
There could be other birds or animals in the future.

Secondly now in desert missions/maps if you see some kind of storm approching dont send
infantry too close its a sulfure storm that can damage your vehicles and kill your infantry.
So basicly its something like weaker mobile radiation field.

And lastley i have replaced old stinger site with artillery bunker, bunker can have 6 people inside.
Bunker is smaller and looks better when civilian bunker is on the same map.
Junk bunker is also removed being also too big.
All FR missions that had stingers now have artillery bunkers, and this make them worth
play again.

Whoa, wait one more thing ECA is missing one more mission and since GLA was updated a lot after USA
and that was never explained ECA will get one more mission That will be first mission of ECA.
Mission that is now first will be second and so on.

New palm trees and Sulfur storm

More new trees and new artillery bunker


Right after i uploaded Deep Blue i got idea about USA Airforce...
So here its how USA Airforce is going to look like in Deep Blue reloaded.
F18 Hornet will now be Aircraft Carrier plane.
QRF Raptor is replaced with F18 Super Hornet.
HATB Raptor is replaced by F21 Tactical Bomber.
QRF F117 Stealth Fighter is replaced by new more RL Raptor.
Also TFT will have new scout drone and gattling drone will now be in S.H.I.E.L.D Production facillity.
GLA has also received new Mobile Radar Center.
New train models for GLA and China these new models have damaged and rubble models so when destroyed they
dont just vanish they leave rubble. China Campaign missions 3-6-9 allready have those traines and one of
them will be in upcoming mission Operation Shadow Strike. That will be relased with FR deep Blue Reloaded
at the end of this month.
Some minor bugs are also fixed, and i have one more  one more mission to finish "Operation Shadow Strike"
all this will all be in the next relase of Falcon Rising patch Deep Blue Reloaded.
Relase date: Late this month.

Underneath you can see some ingame screenshots of new units.

Aircraft carrier F 18 Hornet

QRF F 18 Super Hornet and new Raptor

HATB F 21 Tactical Bomber

TFT Scout drone

GLA Moble Radar Center

New GLA Looking Train

New China Looking Train


Finally the day has come Deep Blue is out, now you can choose 3 USA Generals from skirmish menu.
That also means all USA branches have different command centers and dozers.
Also branches are now more balanced than ever and have more cooler units.
With now TFT, QRF & HATB available from skirmish menu there is no more need for USA skirmish branches maps.
They are now removed and in its place i will add new FR skirmish maps that will have navy or some tech building.
Also very important all campaign missions will work with both FR Chinese edition & deep blue but Non campaign missions wont
so renew all non campaign missions and you will also find brand new mission Operation Tsunami inside.

Next version of FR will be Deep Blue so this means big stuff
for USA all USA branches will be playable from game skirmish menu just like in ZH.
Yes this is big change and you wont need USA skirmish maps no more best
remove them cause they could cause your game to crash if you use them with Deep Blue.
Deep blue will also have the most balanced USA so far.
Relase date of Deep Blue sometime this month. SOON!!!
Until then you can see more news below.

Falcon Rising Deep Blue New units and updates!

New QRF Heavy AA unit that replaces starstreak  and new Losat model

New TFT AA unit

 Comanche both for QRF and TFT are now changed.
TFT Comanche is stealth until fire weapon, detects stealth,
has bigger range than before but now has only 4 missiles.

QRF Comanche is stealth until fire weapon,
has bigger range than before but now has only 4 missiles.

USA Aircraft Carrier
This is the mission map that will be relased with Deep blue or sometime after.
This will be non campaign mission and you will find in that web page section.


Now with new improved Comanches for TFT Talon gunship no longer fits well.
So i decided to put new stealth drone bomber, simmilar to QRF stealth bomber
only moves and reloads faster but cost more.

New Shell map
Original ROTR Shell map caused game to crash so i had to replace it.
And this one fits the theme because next FR will be Deep blue and bring tons of new stuff for USA.
So i was thinking to always put different Shell map depending on what campaign am working.
So when i will work on GLA campaign i will put GLA Shell map.