This is the site of Falcon Rising patch for ROTR
here you can also find unofficial single player missions
of ROTR and Falcon Rising.
All is created by me Saša Tovernić.
I made Falcon Rising because i didnt like USA in ROTR
and wanted some more freedom in mission making.
This patch main focus is single player and USA so if you like to play
missions and USA is your favorite faction this is for you.

Anyway in Falcon Rising patch and missions you can find new units and
new stuff never really seen in a ZH missions like transport of units
or supply collecting system.
I also tend to make AI more competitive.

Couple of words about Falcon Rising patch and all campaignes/missions.

First i made Russian Campaign because i wanted to really know how Russia works
in the game. And i was really new to the world builder so all i cared in that campaign
was that all scripts work perfectly, thats it. Map look dont matter grammar dont matter only scripts.

Than i decided to make campaign for my favorite faction USA well by than i was more familiar
with scripting and more confident so map look was more important than before.
But am not very good with mapping i dont like to do it and that will always be the issue with my missions.
Both Campaign had some grammar issues but after ROTR 1.86 they are fixed.
But even with those flaws they are fun missions you can watch them on youtoube.

After ROTR 1.85 was relased i saw that this USA wont satisfy my gaming so i decided to learn at
least how to code the game and implement new units to the game.
And this is how Falcon Rising was born.

After that i was amazed how GLA well fit ISIS so i decided to make campaign about both of them.
Wich you can see in GLA campaign. To be clear i do not support terorism this is all made just for
fun and i would be happeast man if all wars would be fought in virtual reallity.

And than it was time to make ECA campaign new faction just like Russia but the thing is i didnt
play almost at all with ECA before i started working on ECA campaign so first i had to do is to
learn about that faction. And i had some crazy new ideas that i felt would fit ECA perfectly.
And it was time to make first mission i had vision how i want it to look i always do for each mission.
And i found a perfect map for my first mission well it was only half perfect it was for intro but
other half of map was mountain and i needed desert so i had to convert mountain in desert wich
for me was a challenge and am not happy with that map but it was the best i could do atm.
And to make it worse there is so much textures on the first half of the map that i cant put any more.
But other ECA campaign missions are more than fine really happy with them especially mission 3 that mission
is so good maybe the best i ever done. 4 & 5 are also more than OK especially 5 that one is so hardcore i love it.

After that i had in storyline where Russia invade Ukraine so i made mission about that pretty good mission
but sometimes its really hard to adjust the map to fit the mission World builder is not offering that much
props or options so some maps are just dont look that good. And like i said earler mapping isnt my thing.

ROTR 1.86 was out i converted it to FR and it was time to make China campaign.
I had offcourse a lot crazy ideas for that campaign also and i managed to put them all in 12 mission campaign
Really good campaign proud of it it starts in fall and end in spring China really has some great units that
are so good in missions cause its so important how you will position them you can just doubleclick guard
you have to deploy them in right position then they are great.
Well China is invading North Korea so ofcourse most missions will start with transport vehicles transporting
your units to the battlefield. Also some ground braking stuff in here as in ECA campaign no one ever made
stuff like that for Zero Hour or any mod. CNC 3. Yes & Starcraft 2. Mission ideas are used but some things
are just mine like ECA mission 4. Obtaining dozer thats mine i didnt see that before anywhere.
Just like other factions China also get some new units they are fun to use and before everything necessary
to make that campaign in that style.

So next Campaign is GLA VOL2. But for that i need 1.87 version so need to vait for relase and i dont really
have to say what crazy ideas i have for that campaign. Spoiller alert!!! In that mission it will be cleared
how ISIS obtained recycler truck. And for this mission mapping will matter like never before but there is
a chance i botch one out of 5 since maping is not my thing but you never no maybe i just get it right.
And it will be detailed in terms of little stuff like civilians they will play major role like never before.
Also custom voices GLA is easy to imitate so all do some voices and jeah a lot of crazy stuff.