Operation Iraqi Freedom. A US-led coalition of countries invades Iraq after its government was accused of possessing
weapons of mass destruction. No weapons are found, but Saddam Hussein is removed from power, and a new government
is installed.

The 15-year-old Anwar Sulaymaan takes part in the fight against American troops during the Battle of Fallujah.

A shady Jordanian immunologist, with degree in chemistry and engineering, only known by his internet pseudonym 'Dr. Thrax' disappears into a terrorist-controlled ghetto in Cairo, Egypt.
The Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein is captured by US forces and subsequently trialed and executed.

British Army Lieutenant Charles Cutting is deployed to the Afghan province of Helmand.

The Russian military tests the Father of all Bombs, the most powerful non-nuclear bomb ever detonated.

For the first time in the history of China, the Olympic Summer Games are hosted in Bejing.
Leonid Zhukov is deployed to Gori during the South Ossetia War between Russia and Georgia.
Eugene Griffon enlists for the US Air Force and undergoes training as a drone technician.
The Great Recession begins, severely damaging the global economy for years to come.

The European Debt Crisis begins, promting the EU governments to enact a number of controversial policies to save the
The Arab Spring. A series of protests and revolutions destabilises several countries in North Africa and the Middle East.
The protests in Libya and Syria escalate into all-out civil wars.
Prince Kassad, the son of a Libyan tribal leader, organises several terrorist attacks against the Gaddafi regime.
The later soldier and popular European resistance hero Frank Jaeger is born in Duesseldorf, Germany.

Operation Neptune Spear. Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden is killed by a US Navy SEAL team in Pakistan.
Amidst the Egyptian revolution, the US embassy in Cairo is hit by a package bomb assembled by Rodall Juhziz, a local Al
Qaeda sympathizer.
The 29-year-old US Army Captain Gregory Townes resigns from a guest scholarship at Westpoint and accepts a new
position in the DARPA R&D department for laser technologies.
The Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi is killed during his escape from Sirte. The National Transitional Council assumes
control of Libya but the country remains destabilized.
The North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il dies and is replaced by his son Kim Jong Un.

The USS Nelson, a littoral combat ship of the US Navy, is bombed and severely damaged by Rodall Juhziz in the Red Sea.
The Mudanjiang Disaster. A train carrying experimental nuclear shells crashes in north-eastern China. Colonel Tsing Shi
Tao takes full responsibility and volunteers to assist in the recovery of the remaining warheads.

Yevgeny Orlov is part of a special forces unit that stops the Ultranationalist attack on Moscow Domodedovo Airport,
putting an end to the brief uprising of extremist forces against the Russian government.

Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan merge several resorts of their governments and form the state union of Aldastan despite violent
opposition. A Kazakh warlord by the name of Mohmar, also known as 'Deathstrike', denounces the move as a blatant
concession to foreign imperialists and creates the Global Liberation Army, an initially loose amalgamation of
fundamentalists, local nationalists and tribal groups.
Abdul bin Yusuuf's Brotherhood of the White Falcon, a fundamentalist terror group that grew out of the former Al Qaeda,
goes on an armed rampage with an armored bus in the city of Dubai, resulting in a region-wide crackdown against the
Steel 3D Printing has become usual for military purposes so tanks aircrafts and drones are now mainly produced in
factories on the battlefields with 3D printers than convetntional way.
A US Army Brigade Combat Team is deployed to protect the vital city in anticipation of future attacks.
The M1A4 Paladin, an advanced modification of the now standard M1A3 Abrams is adopted by a small number of elite
US armored units for field evaluation.

Russian President Putin attends the opening ceremony of the new Vostochny Cosmodrome in the Russian Far-East. The
aging Soviet-era Baikonour Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan is slowly disassembled over the following years.
Alexis Alexander serves as a USMC logistical staffer during a three month long skirmish at the Korean DMZ, erroneously
popularized as the Second Korean War by the US media. After lackluster success, a cadre of KPA generals quietly removes
the Northern dictator Kim Jong Un and sues for peace on under the status quo ante bellum.
The crisis in Korea frightens the Asian markets, resulting in the partial collapse of the Chinese real estate bubble which
sends tremors across the global economic landscape and results in a period of open infighting within the Chinese
The Taiwan Conflict. Amidst the rising tensions, hardline elements in the PRC leadership invade the Republic of China.
The operation is quickly carried out by Shin Fai of the PLA Marine Corps before US forces manage to intervene. The
hardliners are subsequently impeached but Taiwan is annexed into the People's Republic as a special administrative region
for the next five decades.
The reformed Chinese leadership under Chairman Zhao Wei enacts the Modern Way programme, introducing new civil
liberties to the People's Republic and expanding the cooperation with Mongolia.
China also adopts 3D Printing technology for military use.
The ZTZ200G Emperor Tank enters service in parts of the Chinese PLA under the supervision of Ta Hun Kwai.
On the run from the US and their Middle Eastern allies, the Brotherhood of the White Falcon seeks refuge in Kazakhstan
and pledges allegiance to the Global Liberation Army in hopes of threatening US interests in the region.
GLA has acquired 3D Printer.

The first commercial fusion power plant is activated near the Niagara Falls. The energy it produces is fed into the power
net of both the United States and Canada, who developed the reactor as a joint project.
The GLA detonates a 5 kiloton tactical nuclear weapon during the PRC's 70th anniversary parade in Beijing. The later
General Xing Chen is part of a rapid response force that is deployed to the scene. As a response to the GLA threat, the
Party government re-institutionalizes the Red Guard as an auxiliary military and police force to complement the People's
Liberation Army and inspire nationalist fervor.
The GLA occupies the Hong Kong Convention Center and takes hundreds of civilian hostages. The fighting spreads
throughout the entire Wan Chao district as Chinese forces move in to break the stalemate.
The GLA launches an attack on the Three Gorges Dam. A Chinese Black Lotus operative issues the controversial order to
destroy the dam, citing the swift destruction of the GLA as the more immediate concern. Despite a hasty evacuation
attempt, thousands die as cities downriver are flooded by the wave. Chinese state propaganda claims that the dam itself
was destroyed by the GLA in order to fan the revanchist fury of the population and prepare for a total mobilization of all
military and industrial resources in the struggle ahead.

Chinese forces narrowly prevent the GLA from pumping toxic chemicals into the Yangtze River.
Chinese forces liberate the GLA-controlled city of Balykchy, Aldastan. The US Air Force launches strategic bombing raids
to support the ground assault, destroying large parts of the city in the process.
Chinese special forces led by a Black Lotus operative destroy a major railway bridge in Bishkek, Aldastan, crippling GLA
logistics in the region in preparation for a decisive attack on the capital.
Chinese forces assault Dushanbe, the capital of Aldastan. The GLA's Central Asian branch suffers a heavy blow after
General Tsing Shi Tao receives the clearance to deploy tactical nuclear weapons.
The aftershocks of the ongoing conflict result in a global economic downturn. The European Union is hit hard with France
and the Balkan countries, which had only recently joined the Union, at the verge of bankruptcy.
An American consumer electronics corporation introduces iSaac, a domestic robot with an abstractly humanoid appearance
that is capable of performing a variety of household chores.
The International Space Station is deorbited over the Pacific Ocean.

GLA forces rally over the destruction of a vital dam in Chinese-controlled Shymkent, Kazakhstan.[2]
GLA raiders intercept UN aid deliveries near Almaty, Kazakhstan to fund their operations and incite public unrest.[2]
Violent protests against the Chinese and American operations in Kazakhstan escalate into a city-wide insurrection in
The top-secret FB-40 Aurora aircraft is pushed into service by US Air Force as a fast strike bomber and suffers several
catastrophic losses against GLA forces.
With much of Europe destabilized after the economic collapse of Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia and Cyprus in the
previous decade, euro-skepticism and anti-capitalism are on the rise across the entire continent. Protests and violent clashes
become a common reality, with the Paris Riots standing out as the bloodiest example by far. Most prominently, a left-wing
extremist by the name of Tahar Ibrahiim becomes the target of a major manhunt after he sent poisoned letters to several
politicians and financial executives.

The first commercial vacuum tube train is activated between Miami and Ottawa.
GLA forces mount a devastating attack against the US Incirlik Air Force Base in Turkey.
US special forces launch an attack against the GLA-controlled ex-Soviet bio-chemical laboratories on Vozrozhdeniya,
Bao Jin of the Chinese Ministry of State Security manipulates a Kazakh GLA leader to change sides, triggering a brief
internal purge among GLA forces.

GLA with the help of dr.Trax reverse engineer nano technology known as junk repair.
The populist Hope and Glory Party wins the British general election by a landslide. The party rejects further concessions to the European Union and enacts a policy of increased cooperation with Ireland and other Commonwealth nations.
Despite the troubled polical situation, the EU governments sign the Treaty of Vienna which turns the European Union into a de jure federation. Civil rights activists express scathing criticism at the lack of fair democratic representation and dismiss the treaty as a last ditch effort at forcing all of Europe under a single authority. Over the following years, many EU regions in Spain, France and Italy break away in violent secession.
Hundreds of thousands of refugees swarm into Europe due to the ongoing violence across Central Asia and the Middle East. Many of them end up in a socio-economic dead-end and develop pro-GLA sentiments.

Anwar Sulaymaan gains the respect of Deathstrike by providing the GLA with a steady flow of income and weapons
through international arms deals even in times of great hardships. Western intelligence agencies manage to trace some of
the materiel back to Russia, whose government comes under pressure from its own people who regard the possible GLA
collaboration as an affront to the country's national honor.[
Angered by the EU central government, the Free Republic of Bavaria breaks away from the Union Republic of Germany
and survives thanks to a military mutiny involving Wolfgang von Kuerten, who refuses to mobilize against his own people.
The first module of the Pennsylvania Space Station, then still operated by NASA and the Canadian Space Agency, is
successfully launched into low Earth orbit on an Atlas V541 rocket.

After a vicious battle against Chinese and American defenders, GLA forces occupy the Baikonur Cosmodrome and
proceed to launch a series of toxin-tipped Soyuz rockets. The first missile hits the Israeli city of Tel Aviv, killing thousands
and prompting the Israeli leadership to enact authoritarian policies for the protection of the state. As the country severs all
contact with its neighbors, tensions in the Middle East reach an unprecedented peak. In addition, the GLA successfully
captures the Chinese and American military bases, gaining access to untold amounts of advanced technology and even
some nuclear warheads, which spark new fears that the GLA will use the Soyuz rockets to launch nuclear attacks on the
United States.
GLA forces topple the pro-American regime in Baghdad, prompting the US to commence their third attack on Iraq in order
to restore strategic control around the Persian Gulf. Iran and Saudi Arabia are heavily involved in the fight via proxies.
A US-led manhunt for GLA leaders in Al Hanad, Yemen goes awry. American special forces enter the city to rescue three
pilots that had been shot down by the GLA.
General Malcolm 'Ace' Granger provides aerial security for an American casualty evacuation in northern Kazakhstan.
Jeremiah Bradley takes part in the USMC coastal assault on a GLA training camp at the Caspian Sea coast.
GLA hardliners ambush and kill the entire UN delegation during a peace summit in Kazakhstan and destroy a nearby dam
to cover their retreat.
Ismail Khan, a Chinese brigadier general from Xinjiang, defects to the GLA out of solidarity for the oppressed Uyghur
people and is subsequently eliminated by the US military.
Chinese General Ta Hun Kwai and Jeremiah Bradley mount a joint offensive on Akmola, the GLA-controlled capitol of
Kazakhstan, dealing a heavy blow to the organisation's Middle Eastern branch.

The US Navy introduces its own jet-powered, carrier-capable gunship, the Spectre II, in order to provide a more immediate
fire support solution than the aging AC-130.
General Gregory 'Pinpoint' Townes presents the M1097 Avenger-L which replaces the aging anti-air missile system of the
original vehicle with a state-of-the-art laser turret.
With Russian forces unable to coordinate the operation in time, the American specialist Colonel Burton links up with a
Chinese Black Lotus operative to destroy one of Dr. Thrax' toxin laboratories near Mount Elbrus, Russia. The US
government speculates that the Russian government might be secretly aiding the GLA to further Russian interests in the
Middle East.
The GLA launches a Soyuz rocket at a US naval base in Narvik, Norway. After a failed counter-attack on the Baikonour
Cosmodrome by the Russian Army, which was ordered by Moscow as a token gesture to disassociate itself from the GLA,
a task force of American and Norwegian forces puts an end to the GLA occupation by dropping a GBU-43/B directly onto
the launch pad.
US forces deliver a decisive blow against a GLA cell in Mogadishu, Somalia, revealing disturbing intel about the elusive
Dr. Thrax, who supplies the organisation with advanced bio-chemical weapons, including a modified strain of the Anthrax
The US have tracked Dr. Thrax to a still classified location in the Middle East and initiate a kill-or-capture operation which
eventually results in the death of the GLA's top-ranking bio-chemical scientist.
Despite economic troubles and growing civil discontent at the Kremlin's possible backing of the GLA, the Russian military
introduces the first production model of the Sentinel tank. The new super-heavy tank will not see combat until the adoption
of its second, more refined version a decade later.
And Russia also as China and USA adopts 3D Printing technology for military use.
At this year's Eurosatory exposition, the German defense company KMW unveils an entirely new main battle tank, the
Leopard 3. Despite its cutting edge technology, the new tank remains a non-seller for several years with even Germany
itself being unable to procure large numbers of it due to the desolate financial situation in Europe.

Deathstrike avoids capture by US forces and rallies his supporters in the aftermath of the GLA's apparent defeat after eight
years of fighting.
GLA loyalists under the command of Anwar Sulaymaan violently persuade Prince Kassad, leader of the break-away Cobra
Cell, to renew his allegiance to Deathstrike by decimating his ranks in Egypt.
GLA operatives hijack an American Particle Cannon Uplink and destroy CVN-76 USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier off
the coast of Crete, Greece. Almost 5.000 US Navy crew members die within minutes, dealing a fatal morale blow to the
American home front. Radiation released from the ship's nuclear reactors force the evacuation of Crete. Much of the
Mediterranean Fleet is also destroyed.
GLA sleeper cells stage a daring raid on the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, recovering
confiscated samples of the Anthrax Gamma virus developed by Dr. Thrax. The city of Livermore is leveled by intentional
fire, and the civilian populace is completely exterminated.
The GLA attacks the USEUCOM headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, prompting the American Paulson administration to
cave in to its war-weary and crisis-stricken population and hurriedly withdraw most of its overseas forces.

After the US retreat, the GLA expends all manpower and resources to trigger an insurrection in Germany, the economic
heart of the troubled European Union. The helpless EU central government calls upon China to intervene.
In an attempt to deliver a hard blow against the Chinese homeland, GLA forces launch an attack on a new nuclear power
plant that was built after the destruction of the Three Gorges Dam but fail to cause any serious damage.
China deploys large contingents of troops to free several German cities from the brutal but unsustainable grip of the GLA,
causing drastic damage to the vital infrastructure through the indiscriminate use of incendiary weapons.
Tahar Ibrahiim joins the GLA and makes a dramatic entrance by dumping several tons of hazardous chemicals into the
Rhine river system, rendering large swathes of western Germany uninhabitable until 2060.
The 18-year-old Frank Jaeger loses his parents as a result of the GLA chemical attack and forms the 'Wolfsrudel', an urban
guerilla group of students who fight against the GLA.
Unable to hold out against the Chinese, GLA forces fall back towards their main base of operations in Hamburg, Germany
while the Chinese Air Force performs relentless attacks on the retreating enemies, turning the famous Autobahn into a
highway of death akin to the one seen during the Persian Gulf War.
After half a year of fighting, Chinese forces under General 'Anvil' Shin Fai converge on Hamburg. Prior to his departure,
Deathstrike orders Rodall Juhziz' Scorpion Cell to obliterate the city with a 10 megaton strategic nuclear warhead. Both
Juhziz and Fai perish in the explosion, along with thousands of civilians.
The United States have withdrawn all their overseas forces and China has put an end to the GLA insurrection that swept
across Central Europe. While the 'invasion' never had any chances of lasting success, it managed to kill, injure and
dislocate thousands, destroyed the urban infrastructure of major economic centers and polluted large swathes of land
through chemical and nuclear attacks.

With the EU on the brink of total collapse, military cadres and popular revolutionaries seize the opportunity to disempower the scattered central government in an effort to restore the sovereignty of their nations. French protesters assault the Elysée Palace and proclaim the Sixth Republic, the Dutch royal family takes over interim positions after the resignation of the government and the German four-party Europakoalition is arrested by the military.
China and the new European coup leaders form the Eurasian Unity League (EUL), in essence a Chinese Marshall Plan for the broken economy of Europe. China lends cheap credits in exchange for military bases on EU territory while providing guidance in the reconstruction of infrastructure, armed forces and domestic security agencies.
Captain Willem van der Meer is deployed to Germany for disaster relief, pioneer works and explosives disposal.
After years of political turmoil and economic decay, Nikolai Suvorov of the Novorossiya Party becomes the new President of the Russian Federation. He openly declares his goals to be the elimination of all infighting and corruption and 'to create a new Eurasian hegemony with Mother Russia at its helm'. Western analysts dismiss the popular leader as an ineffectual, chest-thumping mouthpiece of post-Soviet oligarchy placed in charge of what is essentially a borderline failed state.
During the inspection of a military research facility, President Suvorov is impressed by the revolutionary MTP recovery vehicle that can repair any vehicle on the battlefield using nanobots simmilar to the USA drones.

The EU uses the Chinese funds to buy large amounts of fossil fuels and raw materials from Russia which invests the
newfound wealth to overhaul its own infrastructure, educational system and military, triggering a period of great economic
growth in Russia and establishing Suvorov as a smart statesman with the appeal of a film star.

The first components of the Chinese East Star Space Station are brought into orbit aboard a Long March 3B rocket.
Despite evidence of the contrary, US intelligence agencies and media pundits decry President Suvorov is an ineffectual
mouthpiece of the old elites and erroneously predict the Chinese as America's main future adversaries.
After an outrageous scandal, the Chinese General Leang is discharged from command of a Special Weapons division in the
Himalayas. The young, recently commissioned General Hu Tan Mau takes over thanks to the political connections of his
father, the industrialist Xudong Mau, and proceeds to restore the unit to proper standard.
The EU central institutions rapidly disintegrating.

Several high-ranking US Air Force officers, most prominently General Malcolm Granger, take the fall for the terrible
performance of the Aurora strike bomber during the war. Eugene Griffon is promoted to General of the Air Combat
The Greater Asian Peoples Alliance (GAPA) is formed on behalf of China and includes Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos,
Thailand and Myanmar. At the same time, Mongolia is peacefully absorbed into the People's Republic after many years of
mutual cooperation. The GAPA is largely seen as a mere puppet of Beijing and acts as a buffer to the economic downturn
that China managed to delay for the duration of the war after the GLA attacked Beijing, Hong Kong and the Three Gorges
The Hammer, a trilogy of PLA-funded war movies detailing the exploits of the propaganda hero Xing Chen, is filmed
back-to-back and released, landing a large hit at the Chinese box office while American critics dismiss it as a trite
propaganda piece but acknowledge the impressive production values.

As part of the reorganisation of Europe, the European Broadcasting Union is transformed into the European
Communications Agency Network (ECAN) which is a tight-knit collaboration of various telecom companies, news
agencies and public broadcasting services.
With the country isolated and threatened by economic collapse, the US government has to make far-reaching cuts to the
overflowing military budget. Several future weapon systems are scrapped and the Navy has to mothball or sell many of its
vessels, mainly older vessels dating back to the 1980s.
After a Senate hearing regarding his out-of-control R&D budget, General Townes revolts against the closure of his laser
projects and briefly locks down his base at Redwood Shores, California, before being arrested by his second in command.
The M2A4, an ad-hoc upgrade of the aging Bradley IFV, is forced upon the US Marine Corps. Despite initial complaints,
the Corps soon develops a hate-love relationship to the vehicle as it proves to be very reliable in combat.
Much to the chagrin of the other branches, the US Air Force makes it through the budget cuts and doctrine changes largely
unscathed thanks to the brokering of General Eugene Griffon.
Deathstrike dies unceremoniously at the hands of an unknown assassin, throwing the GLA into a power struggle and
diminishing its global presence. Anwar Sulaymaan embarks on a quest to re-unite the organisation under his rule. Due to
being disunited and busy among itself, the GLA soon disappears from the perception of both the general public and
intelligence agencies.
Prince Kassad once again betrays the GLA and is subsequently shot dead by Sulaymaan himself. Cobra Cell is disbanded
and its surviving members and equipment are absorbed by the rest of the GLA.

After three ineffectual administrations in less than five years, Kevin O'Connor is elected as the new President of the United
States. His economic policies manage to produce a positive turnaround.
In an attempt to regain economic momentum, the United States propose the foundation of the North American Union
(NAU) to Mexico and Canada, a controversial move which helps to stop the economic downturn and restore America's
standing in the world.
In order to restore the country's territorial defense capabilities, the German Army begins with the procurement of several
Leopard 3A1 tanks, Tiger II attack helicopters and Jagdmammut tank destroyers.

The Prague Treaty is signed to reconstitute the remains of the European Union into the European Continental Alliance, a
firm but strictly limited alliance of eighteen sovereign nation states.
The Treaty includes the formation of a joint military task force, the European Continental Army. As a result, the Europeans
put a predicable end to both the EURA and the Chinese security agreement, promting the PLA to withdraw from Europe.
In order to provide the ECA with strategic bombing capabilities in times of need, Bomber Command makes a reappearance
as a distinct entity within the British Royal Air Force, along with a refurbished model of the Cold War era Vulcan bomber.
The ECA enacts strict limits and quotas on immigration and secures its land border with a fortified wall, pejoratively
dubbed the Concrete Curtain by the Eastern European countries that are now left out. Willem van der Meer is involved in
the construction.
The Russian action movie Red Squadron becomes a summer blockbuster in Russia and a few other countries after
Hollywood had to tighten its belt in the wake of the downturn and produced works that reflected the zeitgeist of the postGWOT
era in a more modest and introspective way, often exploring the consequences of economic failure and military

The US Air Force demonstrates its new financial and doctrinal supremacy by introducing the AC-17 Spectre III, the most
heavily armed and lethal American gunship ever built, which is armed with a 155mm howitzer, a dual GAU-12 Equalizer
cannon and Maverick air-to-ground missiles.
The provisional military government of the restored Federal Republic of Germany suspends the emergency acts and holds
a democratic election, transferring control to the first civilian government after the collapse of the EU.
Wary of the resurgent power of the United States, the South American Pact (SAP) is founded under the leadership of Brazil
to strengthen the position of Latin America on the global market. Violent criminals and political extremists threaten the
new alliance.
As a general trend, 'classical' nuclear power falls increasingly out of favor world-wide except for China, where an entire
dozen new reactors are under construction. In an effort to obtain total self-sustainability, the European Space Agency and
CERN commence development of the Solaris energy project.

Due to his declining health, President O'Connor resigns before the end of his first term. Donovan Giordano is elected as the
new President and continues the policies of his predecessor.
Originally scheduled for 2028 but cancelled due to the crisis, the Olympic Summer Games are hosted in Berlin, Germany,
precisely one hundred years after the games of 1936 which happened during the Nazi reign. The humble but dignified
opening ceremony places an emphasis on the modernity, but also the newfound self-confidence of the Federal Republic
which has finally come to terms with its own national identity.

The Generals Wolfgang von Kuerten and Charles Cutting embark on several joint operations against Terrorist holdouts in
the Sahel region and win some of the ECA's most acclaimed military victories despite their vastly different attitudes and
leadership styles.

After defeat of GLA pirate gangs reign across the vital shipping routes in the Gulf of Aden.
The light-weight Crusader II is introduced as the new expeditionary tank of the US military. It is met with positive
reactions from the Marine Corps for its amphibious features and rapid deployability.
With North Africa opened to European enterprises, the world witnesses a global rush for the continent's precious resources.
American, Chinese and ECA companies soon follow.
In an attempt to improve its international image, China spearheads an international ban on neutron weapons, resulting in
the signing of the Budapest Accords. General Tsing Shi Tao resigns from service and goes into retirement.

Europe's first solar-fusion reactor, powered by the satellite Comas Solŕ, is activated in Granada, Spain. The facility
produces enough energy to supply both Spain and Portugal.
A few months later, another pair of satellites is activated: Cassini provides energy for France, Belgium and the Netherlands
while Kepler is used to power the joint reactor of Germany and Denmark.
With Europe becoming increasingly independent from foreign energy thanks to its own renewable sources, many longstanding
fuel treaties with Russia are cancelled, putting a strain on the Federation's economy and the diplomatic relations
between the two powers. The demand for Russian resources decreases over the coming years, signalling the impending end
of the country's economic boom. Furthermore, military observers point out that Solaris could potentially be used as an
orbital strike weapon capable of threatening Russia's cities and nuclear stockpiles.
Germany and France openely suggested that Ukraine should join ECA.
The former Secretary General Cheung Liu is appointed as the new Party Chairman of the People's Republic of China.
The third batch of Solaris satellites is activated: Newton provides energy for the United Kingdom and Ireland while
Copernicus is linked to the joint reactor of Poland and the Czech Republic.
President Giordano wins a narrow victory over his opponent William Bradford.

GLA has find refuge in Siberia where they were in silence for years and waiting to come out when strong enough.
Gla leader Sulaymaan dicided that in the next war they will go in alliance with someone and not alone.

North korea under new leadership of comunist party has flourished economy is blooming
Laws are now more liberal so they have deceided that is time to broad its boarders.
So they made pact with new GLA wich is not as strong as before but can still be usefull.

Sulaymaan's army has first attacked oil and gas compounds in siberia and alaska then
spread to kazakhstan and takeover Russian island Khamchatka with the help of NK navy they have spread
all over the world in matter of weaks parts of africa and some pacific island were under control of
GLA NK Coalition.
Since burned badley by China last time GLA has dicided they wont mess with China again.
Russia was not envolved before against GLA.
GLA were relucktant to do so even now but they were already there and they needed resources.

Russia has defeated GLA but GLA was aware that it had no chance but newertheless they stole a lot of
resources in the procces. They even managed to obtain bluprints of old soviet jets, Brdm, Camel Rocket launcher
and even Grad rocket launcher with help of koreans are able to build jets and rocket launchers first time ever.

Meantime USA has launched full scale attack on GLA and koreans in pacific,
it turns out that occupation of pacific islands was only a decoy so GLA and Koreans can
fortify in Africa while americans fight in pacific and Russia deceided not to fight
beyond its borders. Koalition was at peace in africa getting stronger by the day.
Americans were angry of russians provide advanced weapons to GLA deliberate or not.
USA had first mayor victory against GLA but still had considrable loses.
USA needs ally again to defeat this huge enemy.
After USA liberate Morroco, Tunisia and Syria from GLANK coallition
USA is exhausted both economically and they dont have enough soldiers to fight.
Since drafting in US is cancelled there is not enough new soldiers and most
drafted ones left the army so now US army depends on private companies or top
secret military branches who now operate instead regular US army,
who now also takeover special armed forces like Green Berets, and Delta force.
And if that hasnt being enough military budget is also cut Paladin tank is
cancelled due to being too expensive and not reillable as being too hevy and slow.
US Army is now turning to reuse old units and uprade them.
Roumor has it that US armed forces engineers were able to upgrade old Abrams tank
to all goodies that paladin had but they still made it lighter and more agile.
USA generals agreed that pinpoint precision is too expensive and it didnt work well
in the past so they will now go with power with small numbers, or speed with more numbers.
Airforce will still be mayor factor for both defence and offence.
People in US are not too happy to see secret organisation like S.H.I.E.L.D
that only yesturday were only conspiracy theories and now they are takeing over
large part of US armed forces.
After USA Almost destroyed the GLANK Coallition GLA leaders reillazed that without moddern
approach they wont survive let alone win the war.
So GLA started to work more on thier defences and intrenching than just guerilla rush the
There is also a roumor that NSA satellite spoted Dr. Trax in one of GLA bases but its denied that
that person only looks like Trax and its not man himself.
North Koreans are in even worst shape their military tech is mostly destroyed and China is no longer
wants to sell weapons to NK after North Korean airfoce Shut down Chinese airplane near Chinese border.

While USA reconstucting armed forces ECA army will takeover and continue military campign against remnents of
GLANK coalition. For the first time ECA army will fight in a mayor conflict.

USA and ECA made agreement to divide African teritories that were under occupation of GLANK coalition.

ECA liberate Algeria, Mali, Libya and Egypt from GLANK coalition.
GLANK coalition is defeated.
Sulaymaan's is killed in action.
GLA collapsed again and start to splitting while they are retreating from Africa to midlle eastern countries causing havoc
among local poulation.
True Islam is strong humanitarian organisation in wich has facillities in Asia and Africa led by rich entrepreneur Abu Nazir,
organisation is opening hospitals and gives medicines to the people there is even a plan to produce their own water cleaner
to end clean drinkable water problem in Africa. But After he was was mysteriously killed his son Khalid Nazir
abandondend fammily business and joined Broderhood of the Scorpion Terror organisation.
Known for his brutality lack of fear and good commanding skills he was quickly rising in organisation and soon for many
become natural choice for new leader of the Broderhood.

After Sulaymaan's death many man have fought to takeover whats left of GLA.
And without real leader most of the GLA officers and soldiers joined Broderhood of the Scorpion.
From the ashes of the GLA a new power has risen with a few remaining officers of GLA ,the 33 year old radical named
Abu Khalid has formed IS which stands for Islamic state.
With the help of Shah Assad and his wealth IS was able soon to rise to power.
Reverse enginering of stolen ECA technology was crucial for that organisation.

When Abu Khalid ordered to kill entire village because they refuse to give their children to
fight for IS, former GLA officer Shaladin ordered his soldiers to open fire on IS forces and fled from Iraq to
yordan to make pact with USA and establish new GLA that would fight for the people. Shaladin promised that GLA will
never again use terror tactics so bomb trucks, suicide vests and toxin tractors are removed from GLA inventory..
Ukraine finnaly after many years decides to joine ECA.
Right after that Russia has invaded east of Ukraine so USA and ECA needed ally because ECA returned most
army back home because of the possible crisis in Europe.
And USA positioned a lot of troops troughout Europe to keep Russian apetite in check.
Allies gave shaladin task to soften IS in midlle east so ECA can easly defeat it and secure
Shaladin was able to give few blows to IS by killing main benefetior of ISIS shah Assad and
destroying their first base in beirut also by destroying refineries and even some ECA stolen technology
to mass produce their weapons. After that IS stopped to grow.
But now IS had concentrated all their efforts to destroy GLA.

Shaladin is now ordered to flee trough dead see to Jordan and than to USA ally Saudi Arabia with
mission to organize a larger ofencive with the help of saudis.
Shaladins army was ambushed at dead see but his army with Shaladins great leadership was able to
crush enemies army and even capture small port at the dead see coast and than the unthinkable happened.
when Abu Khalid reliazed that Shaladin will escape and he knew if Shaladin get to Saudi Arabia this will be
the end for IS he ordered launch of scud storm.
Port and everything around it was destroyed Shaladin is dead.
Most of his army is dead the rest is scatterd.
There are roumors that Shaladins second in command Abdul Hassan left for Pakistan...
ECA Army never reached Israel in time...
IS will now concentrate on digging in and establish islamic state on the teritory of Jordan, israel, and Iraq
from one side and than Pakistan, afganistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan from the other.
With Iran in the middle.

After crushing defeat of North Korea and GLA, a civil war is on the rise in north korea.
People do not trust comunist party and want free elections.
Democratic movement becomes democratic party.
Democrats hired one of GLA Generals to fight for them.
China secret service is under investagation of smuglling arms to North Korean Democrats.
If it comes to war China will engage to maintain comunist regime there.
China has signed military treaty with Russia.
Russia is not to happy with China intervention in N. Korea.
USA now more under control of corporations than ever, media propaganda is scaring people of Russian and chinese
invasion but because of poor economy and civil rights some people openly spoke about revolution that would be sponsored
by Russians.
Armed forces now under control of corporations who relize that with possible domestic uprising and with also Russian
rise in global influencethey they need to prepare for the worst case scenario.
So S.H.I.E.L.D, and DARPA are working together to on new technologies to make USA armed forces the most
formiddable again.

GLA is rising in Pakistan Under General Abdul Hassan, after pakistan goverment started to conspire with IS.

Russians soon after entering Ukraine annexed Lugansk. World was preparing for third world war, when Russian
President put offer on the table if Ukraine will not join ECA Russia will not further attack Ukraine and they will
forgive Ukranian dept for gas and lend further 50 bilion $ to Ukraine at low interest rate.
Ukraine had referendum on this matter and people have decided that its best not to go in NATO.
There was a lot of scepticism about Russian intentions but its hard to belive that Russia will attack Ukraine after all
that investment put in that country.
Ukraine is the largest importer of Russian coal of all countries on european continent.
A mayor breaktrough in directed energy weapons of Nikita Ivanovich Aleksandr, a military engineer stationed at Mt. Yamantau, who is subsequently put in charge of the Advanced Weapons R&D Corps.

Civil war in North Korea is over Socialist regime has won, but country economy is ruined and will need aid
from outside Russia & china offered help but they demand full respect of civil rights in the future if
North Korea wishes to get aid from Russia & china. Obviusly they do not wont new uprisings after they invest money
in the country.

IS had litlle resisstance in Turkmenistan & Afganistan but they struggle in Pakistan where last of GLA soldiers
fight IS.
Iran Russian close ally is now encircled by IS and is only a matter of time before IS attack that country.
USA & Russia are acusing one another for aiding terrorists.

There is a roumor that IS has new advanced weapon that looks like laser beam.
Soon after that Russia warns the world that few top scientists from Chechenia joined IS.
And that those scientists were able to to somehow unlock secrets of advanced technologyes.
GLA were unable to unlock the potential of scavanged beam weapons of ECA, USA dronage systems
or Russian advanced artillery but there is a good chance that IS were able to do exactly that.
Funny thing is when USA president were asked about those things his response was how would IS do that
with duck type maybe common the only person who would be able to do that is dr. Trax and he is gone.

Russia openly support GLA and announces support in the future.

USA has almost completley transformed armed forces.
Modified Abrams tanks and new Apaches are first to arrive in port of Haifa.
USA convinces ECA to go together in a war against IS and to invade Israel to put IS under pressure
while Russia will attack Turkmenistan and  GLA  hopefully with the help of Russians can attack Afganistan.

With the help of Russians GLA have defeated IS in Pakistan and thanks to Russian scientists is now a lot better in salveging enemy technology.
GLA is now preparing to attack IS forces in Afganistan, Russia has promised to provide air support in some operations.
Until GLA rebuilds its airforce.

USA and  ECA have defeated IS in the Israel and are now establishing strongohld bases and preparing to invade Jordan.