Falcon Rising latest patch: Falcon Rising 1.86.5 ./Uploaded 10.08. 2017.

       Click here to download Falcon Rising 1.86.5 :


1. Open your game directory

2. Make a backup of !Rotr_INI file and !Rotr_English BEST PUT THEM IN Backup ROTR 1.86 HERE  folder

3. Copy everything from FR Game files (!Rotr_INI and !Rotr_English) files to your game directory (copy & replace win7)

To uninstall just replace mine !Rotr_INI and !Rotr_English files with the original ones (Backup ROTR 1.86 HERE).

For the best experience use FR Widescreen otherwise text in missions wont be properly displayed.

While Having this patch you will not be able to watch replays
from the original ROTR or play online with people who have original ROTR.


Changelog & Credits

Camera height is lifted.
New game load menus (Ali Flowers).
All infantry now has new skins (Source SWR forum).
Shell map changed.
3 USA Branches are now playable from skirmish menu.
Performance patch is included in widescreen.


Wall (SWR).
Lockdown (SWR).
Stryker NEW MODEL, Model is updated after composite armor upgrade.
Stryker MGS NEW MODEL, Model is updated after composite armor upgrade.
Mobile radar System, now provides radar (EOT team).
Exo suit (SWR).
Stealth comanche TFT detects stealth, is stealth.
Stealth comanche QRF is stealth.
Apache (Enhanced mode team).
Abrams tank, new model (Enhanced mode team).
Paladin is mobile howitzer now (EOT team).
Bradley now buldable.
Green Beret now buldable.
Delta Force now buildable.
Paladin howitzer & Mammoth Gen. Power now.
Mortar truck (SWR Fritz).
Grey Hound (Enhanced mode team).
Mammoth tank (SWR).
Himars replacing tomahawk (SWR).
M270 (Operation Firestorm).
USA Supply truck (SWR).
Little bird & starlifter are no longer Gen.Power
Drone assembly now called S.H.I.E.L.D. Production facillity.
S.H.I.E.L.D. Production facillity Gen.Power now.
Raptor is doing more damage is stealth detects stealth and hidden units, now limited to 8 units at the time.
Particle uplink canon beam lasts longer.
Usa gun boat can garisson one infantry that can shot from inside.
Mule drone now heal infantry after drone upgrade.
Gattling drone (SWR).
Hellfire drone (SWR).
Dozer disarmes mines again.
Losat (EOT team).
Vanguard drones last longer.
CIA Agent (EA).
Radar Dome (SWR).
Radar Dome also poses general powers and some upgrades
Medivac now TFT & QRF unit being produced from supply center.(SWR).
Fortified firebase now imune to antigarisson weapons (SWR).
Skycrane (SWR).
Hound drone (Contra team).
Retaliator now HATB unit (SWR).
Stealth Bomber drone now limited to 8 units at the time. ((Contra team).
F35 jet now limited to 8 units at the time. Credits to: Model - JJ Skin - JJ Landing gear code and model - Axel of Sweden Jet exhaust texture - Axel of Sweden Cameo - George Brellas, Sasa tovernic.
F35 Bobmber now limited to 8 units at the time. (Contra team).
Gatlling avenger.
Valkyre (Operation Firestorm).
Mobile Flack  (Operation Firestorm).
Aircrraft  carrier (EA).
Aircrraft  carrier F18 (SWR).
F18 Hornet (SWR).
F21 (SWR).
Leech drone (Contra team).
Cost and buildtime rebalanced for all USA units.
Added strikeforces.
Added new predator reaper drone.
Added new tech center.
Added Reaper predator drone. (Operation Firestorm).
TFT Tech Center provides resources.
TFT now has special powerplant.
Enforcer from 1.87 added.

Particle uplink canon (Contra team).
Tosm 1 Buratino (SWR).
Wall (SWR).
Helix (EA, SWR).
Assault troop crawler (SWR).
Smerch (SWR).
Sniper new model (SWR).
Bixi Airlifter (Contra team).
Tiger Gunship (SWR).
Red Brigade (Operation Firestorm)
Listening Outpost also poses general powers.
FCV (Operation Firestorm)
Snhq61 (Operation Firestorm)
China train (Contra team).
Assault trooper no longer repairs vehicles.

Brdm1 (SWR).
SA2 Sam site (SWR).
Sniper (SWR).
Rebel site
Stinger soldier is now buildable.
Four tunnel defenders in battle bus.
Camel (SWR).
Camel now deploy mines.
Junkbunker (SWR).
Supply truck (SWR).
Basilisk tank (SWR).
Basilisk tank is now rank 5 unit
Scud launcher is buildabale and rank 5 unit, weapons completley redone.
Stinger Soldier changed
Mobile demo trap (SWR).
Mobile radar system.
GLA train (Contra team).
GLA Stinger site is replaced with artillery bunker in all missions/campaignes.
Vulture and Hook from 1.87 added.
AI uses recycler trucks in missions.

Mirage tank.
Xiedongli - for the Mirage Tank Model and SKin.
EA - for the game, the sounds, and the voices.
Zeke - cameo and coding work.
Fennek now buildable).
Sensor Array also poses general powers.
Pioneer and sniper can now enter buildings, vehicles

frogfoot (SWR).
FieldQuarters now has general powers.
Zubr transport ship buildable in naval factories.
Berkut detects stealth and missiles range incrised.

Two partisans now working properly.
Lot of resource buildings.
Civilian bunkers 1,3,4 are now bigger.
TEROIL Depot is now bigger.
Sandbags now have more health.
Civillian airport now repairs choppers.
Corn plants (Contra team).
Sunflower plants (Contra team).
New skirmish colors.
Militia war factory (Mid East Crisis Team).
Militia new antiair unit (Contra team).
New civilian structures (Project Raptor).
New trees. (Contra team, Untitled team).
Sand Storm (Contra team).
Animal life. (Contra team).
Billboards, roads and bridges new models and sizes.